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crafting now restricted to school only?

Feb 07, 2011
so my main wizard (bal) is a transcendent crafter~ she has been, and will likely always be, the only one of my wizards to go through that torture. she made all of the wintertusk and avalon crafted stuff for my storm wizard, and some low-tier stuff for my little noobs. but, when i logged in tonight, i noticed that something was off...

i was in the process of making the level 56 wintertusk set for my life wizard. but,, when i took my balance wizard to her gear-making station, she can no longer craft anything that's not for her school, which makes no sense because i own the recipe and should be able to craft it. and i must say, i'm quite annoyed, as i don't have the time or energy to waste ranking 5 more wizards up to trans/legendary/whatever.

i made the avalon set for my diviner less than 2 weeks ago, so i'm wondering if i missed some sort of important update or if this is a glitch. i'm assuming the latter, as it was never made public to the community that wizards are now limited to crafting gear for their schools only.

if anyone knows anything about this glitch, or can link me to whatever update i apparently missed, i'd appreciate it.

-dr. von awesomestein, esquire;
mrs. mally the undying
gearless grandmaster theurgist, transcendent crafter who hates crafting.

Jul 28, 2011
I get the feeling it's not a glitch, it's not really something a glitch would do. I didn't see any announcement about it either though.....maybe KI forgot to announce it?

Jun 10, 2012
The Wintertusk gear has to be crafted at the Grizzleheim crafting station.

Oct 22, 2011
Pssst ...... Von *whispers in ear* ...... The Wintertusk gear needs to be crafted at that cave in Grizzleheim.

Feb 07, 2011
lol, guys~ thanks for the reminder re: grizz gear.

i checked again, and my balance wizard doesn't have the option to craft the avalon set she made for my storm wiz either. it's not the 'you don't have the ingredients to craft this' message~ the recipes are not available at all, but they do show up in her crafting log. hence the confusion.

i hope a mod will clarify this for us.