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crafting non-school treasure cards (i.e. where do

Jul 04, 2009
I really enjoy this game! Best thing that's come along in quite a while. I'm also interested in crafting, I like "finding" the reagents, the recipe concept, the crafting table, etc.

I finally decided to take the time to understand and use it, but
I must be missing something, though, and hope someone can educate me.

My character is a pyromancer, and only Bernie will sell him treasure card recipes. I've checked with all the recipe vendors that I know of (that I can reach - all but DS), and I cannot find anyone I can purchase life card recipes from. The other trees tell me I'm not in their school so too bad for me.

What am I doing wrong? Where can I get recipes to craft life (and other school) treasure cards? It would be terribly boring to only be able to craft cards for spells I already have ...

Thank You,
currently level 44 pyromancer

Jun 23, 2008
The only reason I can think of for having crafting cards set-up like this (only making spells you already have), is to get you to trade with other wizards... But they didn't add a system for finding other wizards crafting.

You could do this outside the game on message boards, but this is almost always doomed to fail because of only having so much free time, and time zones as well.

My idea is to add school icons under the experience bar (paid only..?), then replace the bookshelves in the school towers with all the spell cards for that school. Now if an ice wizard is willing to stand by the card they need to trade in the life tower, the icon ice icon lights up for all (paid only..?) life wizards telling them if they go to the school tower they can trade for an ice treasure card.

The graphics are so cool the bookshelves should go regaurdless... Also the wizards and artists worked hard for the spell cards and would like to place them around their living area... Um, bigger cards might even require a bigger house.

The Bazaar is also a good place to exchange crafted treasure cards.

Jun 23, 2008
As far as I can tell, for me, an ice wizzard, I'd like 2 or 3 sprite treasure cards in my deck. I can buy for about 227g each and be done with it- no crafting, reagents, or even a crafting quest. But I took the time to do this quest, sooo...

I can craft a blizard card for about 165g+ (can be bought for about 300g). Selling 2 blizards (230g to make) will give me gold for the sprite card, But the sprite card only costs 2 jade (30g) and some coal to craft...

Wouldn't it be a better deal all the way around if I had a way to trade a crafted blizard card for some crafted sprite cards..?

The tower shield would be a better (1 for 1) trade here, but I would still need to craft 2 shields to get 1 sprite at the bazzar.

May 27, 2009
An even up trade would be more beneficial for the Life crafter as well, considering that a crafted Sprite only sells for a pittance at the Bazaar. Life can't make any gold on crafting cards until Centaur or Satyr. I've sold a couple of those, but frankly, it seems a pain collecting the nightshade for Satyr cards, and buying it makes the whole transaction cost too much.

Sprite is easier to make with Keen Eyes. I make way more like that than crafting them. But then I can't sell them at the Bazaar, so I trade them to my other wizards.

Jul 29, 2009
We need to be able to make cards from other classes because

a)the bazzar and libraries are usually a major rip-off, way too much gold for a one time use

b)if we decide not to buy from the bazzar and libraies and trade with others players then one way or another someone will get ripped-off again, either the shearcher trades a very pathetic card for the desired card(i've seen high lvls offer semi-rare but worthless cards to low lvls for what they want) or it puts the searcher at the complete demand of the seller(too obvious for an explination)

Matthew BOOMSpear
lvl 32 Pyro