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Crafting lvl 55 wands

Jul 05, 2010
I am currently trying to craft the lvl 55 death wand.It's really not fair thats it's 1. Weaker than the original lvl 55 wands and 2.It only gives plus 20 critical rate instead of 40.Hope someone will agree that the wands should be upgraded.

Jan 21, 2010
I agree that it is a shame. I compaired the wicked wand to the cursed staff and the cursed staff won. You might as well go to the bazaar and buy the staff. Both are level 55 so you might as well buy the better one. It is a pitty if you bought the recipe for the wicked wand. With one hundred copies of the better wands in the bazaar it just doesn't make sense to spend the time and resources to craft and inferior wand.

I made a thread in the dorms about this subject and made a few suggestions. Please reply to my thread as well! The name of the thread is: Quentin Chamberlain's wand Recepies.
I tried to use the search to find it, but it is not showing up. Currently it is on the second page of the dorms.