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Crafting Level 55 Storm Gear

Aug 06, 2010
When I crafted my level 55 gear for my balance and death wizards, it was after I had become legendary and finished with Celestia. And it didn't seem too hard at all.

Now, I wanted to be ahead of the game so I can actually make use of the gear while questing still. My storm is level 53. She can't buy the robe recipe, so my legendary balance bought it (a mistake as it turns out.)

I gather the reagents, and then hit a snag. I need stormzilla cards. After searching all over CL, I find the treasure recipe in Ravenwood. But only my storm can buy the recipes. And since I can't pass or trade treasure cards, my balance will not be able to craft the robe for my storm.

So what's my point? I will not reach the Science Center or Stormriven by the time I hit 55 to buy the robe and shoe recipes, so I will have to port to a friend. And if I wait till I am 55 or have access to the areas, it would take time to gather and craft... so how can a wizard take advantage of getting full use of a level gear if it is hard to access? Why can't the gear recipes all be at Base Camp and be able to buy a couple levels before?

And, BTW this storm/death gear is much harder to craft than my other ones: balance w/fire, death w/ice.

Nora RavenSong lvl 60 balance
Ellie NightWeaver lvl 60 death
Nora SeaStone lvl 53 storm
Ellie WinterBane lvl 17 ice

Aug 06, 2010
Ok - I just reached 55 this morning - doing my own quests in District of Stars. I got to Science Center through friend to get robe recipe - mind you, I have spent A LOT of time collecting for and crafting zilla cards and tempest cards...

Now I can't buy it cause I have not completed the grandmaster craft it seems...

By the time I complete this gear, I'll be legendary again! I have been postponing buying gear cause I was going to use craft gear...

KI - if I can trade treasure cards - my balance could have crafted the robe. If I didn't have to complete the grandmaster craft (even though I did on other wizard) my storm could have crafted the robe.

I am doing all the work and I still have to wait. Frustrating!

Aug 06, 2010

KI - if you know we can't get the necessary school only treasure cards that we can't pass - you shouldn't allow us to purchase the recipe. So the storm/death robe recipe that my balance bought should have been restricted to be bought only by storm wizards.

You know that a balance can't craft stormzilla/ tempest treasure cards. And you are not allowing us to pass the cards through shared banks. That recipe cost my balance 6000 gold.

May 10, 2010
You can trade normal treasure cards!

So, the crafted stormzilla, if you have a second account, trade them and then trade them back to your balance, or use a friend you trust!

It is the enchanted treasure cards that can not be traded or used for crafting!

Hope this helps!

May 22, 2009
Is there a reason you couldn't trade the cards through a third party? That is what i did so my Life wizard could craft the level 55 gear for my Balance wizard.

Another thing you could do is make another account (it could be a free account) and use it to trade cards. By running the game in window mode you can have two accounts running on same computer.

Although I have used both methods, I still believe we should be able to trade treasure cards via the shared bank.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 60 Life

Sep 26, 2009
You can trade cards! Maybe not in the shared bank but you can with another account or a trusted friend! If the cards you want cannot be traded to the other person then they cant be used in the quest. They did change the trading card rules but you can still trade cards.

Jan 01, 2010
Yes, simply trade through another account (set up a free one or use a family member). I have one crafter for all 6 of my wizards. Have made level 55 gear for 4 of them.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
I have been progressing a storm/death wizard...I wanted to see how fast it was from a baby till end of CL....and I got to the level 55 crafting mess as you did.

I didn't do a lot of side quests on this character, so I was able to buy all the recipies. Doing this, I didn't face the problem you did...thank you for bringing to attention this problem.

As for crafting being easier for some schools....by the time you gather the golden pearls, sunstones and the like, you realize that storm crafting needs more of each, plus lava lillies, all of which is in short supply if they are even found in the bazaar. The, unlike other schools, you need to craft cards rather than buy, and not only craft cards, but to craft cards to make cards to use. And these require rare items, such as scrap iron (136 for the Stormzilla cards), you start to get a feel that the KI staff who developed the formulas for the Storm sets didn't really like the Storm school...

Just my observations.

Aug 06, 2010
Thanks for the suggestions. Adventures in crafting - I tell ya!

Prior to me getting the stormzilla and tempest recipes, a storm legendary friend was trying to "trade" a tempest card he crafted and he said he couldn't select it??? I haven't tried trading them myself - I'll see if I can when I craft more cards...

I just ended up buying the robe recipe on my storm again and completed the grandmaster craft and robe last night.

For all my complaining, I was determined to use the level 55 gear while I'm 55. And I am happy to have done the robe. Fizzles at an all time low and hit critical several times without vengeance!

Now for the hat and shoes...