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Crafting Issues with The Possibility Dirk

Sep 07, 2008
Hi there! Sorry about bothering anyone :(
OKAY. So. A while back, i was crafting a Possibility Dirk for my Adept Crafting Badge. I had the quest and the recipe, but I only made one out of the two items required. Then I stopped playing the game for a while because of personal things, but then I got back into it. I look, and I don't have the recipe for the Possibility Dirk. So, I check online to see if anyone has the same issue, and everyone says to check with the character who gave you the quest. So I skip my happy little self on down to MooShu, talk to Toshio, and he doesn't have the recipe. I have logged out multiple times to see if it was just an error with my PC, but it seems like something is wrong. Help me if you can! Any advice is welcome! Thank you so much!!

Sep 17, 2012
Where are you looking for the recipe? If you're looking from the crafting table, is it the Equipment Crafting Station and NOT the Basic Crafting Station? You have to be at the correct table in order to craft an item or you will not see the recipe. Also by pressing J you can see any recipe you own without going to your crafting table. If the vendor doesn't have the recipe, that means you already bought it, so I'd recheck your character.

Sep 07, 2008
Thank you so much! You are the best!!