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Crafting is WAY to hard

Feb 15, 2009
Crafting is way to hard, especially this DS one, these black pearls are to hard to come by I have been working on this quest for about 2 months now. It discourages to people to continue crafting. I try transmuting but bazaar never sells black lotus, ore, cat tails and I can't ever seem to find these items. I think it needs to start selling all of the reagents on the game at an npc shop.

Aug 23, 2009
The black lotus, ore, and cattails are at bazaar, though in small quantities-for black lotus, and can be harder to find in bazaar due to Grandmaster Artisan quest needing same reagents to transmute the massive item for that, makes DS crafting quest look like a cake walk. It just takes time to gather everything a/o transmute/buy needed components. Good Luck.

Apr 02, 2010
In my opinion the recent changes to Wizard101 have made crafting harder.

Specifically, I am referring to how the price of reagents really shoots up when the quantity goes down. For instance, I was able to snag quite a few Diamonds for 300, by just hitting the Bazaar often. Also could snag a Black Pearl now and then. Forgot the price but I would just jump on it. In my opinion even before the Celestia update, buying Black Lotus was a waste.