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Crafting in the next world

Jan 21, 2013
Ok, so as everyone knows, the best boots to craft right now are from Popol Vuh Whitepaper in Alto Alto. So in the next world, instead of having ice damage and accuracy with the shoes of your school, could they go along the lines of your secondary school? yesterday i crafted the deer knight spell on my balance wiz. and since death is my secondary school, why don't we get boots that gives death damage and accuracy with balance damage and accuracy? but they would also change for other wizards because we all play with different fighting styles.

Mar 12, 2013
I would love to see combo school boots that give you a full range of abilities in your secondary:

E.g. Lizard House WArrior Boots Mark II would give you, in addition to their current damage/block/accuracy boost, a reasonable amount of balance and storm resist, and a small pip boost.

Also, there would be more reason to craft off-school boots if you had a mastery amulet to match.