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Crafting In General

Jul 22, 2009
Well ive been crafting long long time. I feel that some of the items that need to be carfted are isnane.... like the New hose for CL... i bought it and it is simply ridiculous. all the things you need to make it... will take for ever and it is way too costly. i think for the younger children too. KI should make some of the crafting items alittle easier. come on . sheesh it is simply too much to do . I bought the house under improession it was pretty easy . the reagents i needed seemed simple till you actually buy it then all these other tings show up. seems not fair.. not sure the point. but honestly . you all need to change this and make training your pet take a little less time.

Nov 17, 2010
i don't understand why members want this game to be any easier, the game is suppose to get harder as you go on no?

if you actually put all your efforts into crafting, i mean log on and do nothing but that, you will get it. yea i found it hard as well, but i did it and got my well deserved grandmaster crafter badge.

i had a goal though, you gotta be a gm crafter to craft level 55 clothe, so set a goal for yourself and get it done.

good luck...

-legendary sorcerer-

Nov 01, 2010
heh. so you paid 60,000 gold without even looking at what was needed for the recipe? its a HOUSE ! you were expecting a few mistwood and some scrap iron? i knew without looking i didn't want to even try it. lol. looking at some of the furniture, i figured the house would be insane, and it is. lol good luck to all those attempting it.

Jul 22, 2009
well sure i looked at it............. im talking about my family of little kids... not just me. i am the higest ranked crafter there is so yes i understand crafting lolol of course didnt hink it was gonna be some mist wood. get REAL. LOLOL
but EIGHT street lamps from Cl... IS ALITTLE MUCH... i dont WANT the game to be easier actually liked it better when the new bosses were harder. Just some things in the game seem little much. some people cant just come on the game and run around craft all day ....we have lives..but i see What your saying. sure ..not my point though, instead of eight lampost why not four. wouldnt make that much of a difference..