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Crafting in Celestia

Jun 01, 2013
I have crafted two crimson book stands in Dragonspyre. I have them in my backpack. However I cannot speak to Balthazar. He has a grey question mark. I am looking through all my quests and there are no craft quests. I went to Celestia to the floating land and could not retrieve the quest. I’m so confused. Anyone know what’s going on?

Jan 18, 2010

So to access the quest To the Seas (which sends you to Celestia to access that world's crafting quest), you must indeed complete the one offered by Balthazar Dragonthorn

Now, you mentioned that you have crafted (and not bought from Bazaar) the bookstands (which is the exact one sold by Toshio in Mooshu) and have them in your bagpack upon turning in the quest and he still isn't in receipt of it?

Is the goal to craft the bookstands or is it to craft something else?

Because he does have a few items for you to craft before crafting the bookstands.

Check to see if this is the case.