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crafting ideas

Sep 17, 2011
would it be possible for us wizards to craft our on 2 or 3 floor dungeons with some sort of dungeon editor? I've seen this done in other mmog's and it's pretty fun. If so this could add limitless content to game, especially for max levels. WE could design the dungeon, looks, traps and such, we choose monsters to fight in dungeon from a possible list of all monsters in-game, we could create/customize a unique boss for end of dungeon, look and powers as well as loot for bosses, monsters would drop standard loot.
this would add limitless content to game for all, give wizards a feeling of being a part of the development of the game and make for some interesting new challenges. ty 4 listening.

Jan 31, 2010
Thats a great idea!

I would also like to be able to craft a pvp area for our houses.