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Crafting has become boring

Aug 23, 2009
I achieved master artisan a long time ago, as such I craft the occasional item that looks interesting or fits a theme. I finished Watchtower Hall a while ago, now the recipes are getting more complex and costly. It drives the fun from crafting, and there is so little that can be usefully crafted now-including to some degree the pet snacks. I was excited for Watchtower Hall since it was complex, and a new realm, create a house. Now I am bored with it and aside from accumulating more digital stuff, don't see the point anymore. Can crafters get new exciting and not cost prohibitive with limited reward recipes or recipes that kill the bank and time to create?

Dec 14, 2009
I think KI really missed the mark with crafting. In every mmorpg that I am aware of,crafting is a area where gamers can progress and level and create very useful items to enhance the game play of themselves and others. They are able to create unique and varied items for sale, or use,or trade. And yet KI will not allow trade of crafted items. If you try and sell them,they bring in around 1/10 the cost of making them. And from what I have seen of crafted items, the quest items and crown items are far superior to them. So other than gaining a Master Artisian Badge......I see crafting on Wiz 101 as a complete waste of time. Others may see if differently,but in my humble opinion, it is simply of no use. :?

Jul 15, 2009
Well, there will be the wands in Celestia that can be crafted that gives two power pips in addition to your starting pip....

Just Saying...

Apr 02, 2010
I could see it getting ugly over Scrap Iron, Black Lotus, Red Mandrake, and Ore if a large group of Grand Masters AT THE SAME TIME realize they need to go back and get Master Artisan or be at a disadvantage to others. Just saying.

May 04, 2009
I think the crafting items are getting to be awesome. Not to give a spoiler but somewhere in the crab empire, there is a secret trainer that gives a recipe for amulets that have 2 item cards, 2 ! Also, in stormriven hall there is a secret trainer of sun mutate spells and they are awesome !

May 06, 2010
mario7709's little brother says:It's really ,really boring and i'm not a really high lvl my brother took a long tme to finish again it's really really boring. :?