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Crafting glitch

Mar 09, 2011
ok so the quest ring in the new was glitched. When i completed it it says talk to wul' yahm but when i went to him there was a grey question mark over him so i pressed x and clicked on a ring in the new but i said: You need to make Two rings of insight to show me what you are doing. Bring them to me when your done. why is this happening and does anyone else have this glitch?

pooopooo2 wrote:
You need to make Two rings of insight to show me what you are doing.

You answered your own question - and a quick search of these message boards would have netted you the answer as well.

It's not enough that you crafted them, he tells you to bring them to him - you must have all the crafted items he asked for in your backpack (not equipped, not in your bank) when you speak to him.

Lots of people accidentally sell these items, and you can recraft them or if you're lucky (and you've already actually crafted your own set) you can buy them from the bazaar.

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.