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Crafting: Forge

Oct 29, 2009
One thing I would like to be able to do as a member feature is armor forging. :-) It would be similar to stitching items except you would craft and stitch at the same time. First you gather the reagents and recipe and go to the forge, :) next you select the recipe and select the item stats you want then you craft it and name it, :D but it would be a no auction item. If you can't add that then at least some recipes for crafting wands, staves, and blades.

P.S. If you do add wand, staff, and blade recipes please put the recipes at the school trees so they are easy to find.
P.S.S. If you add them to the trees you might want to add a seed or young tree for death and balance schools for those who can't access Nightside or the Krokosphinx.