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crafting elder's hand of unity deck

Sep 02, 2013
So i'm trying to track down sabertooth tc to craft my new deck. Can you get sabertooth tc from the bazaar? Has anyone seen the sabertooth tc from the bazaar? i'm not far enough into khrysalis to farm the bosses for the card and i don't know anywhere else to get it. Any info would be helpful. Thanks

Sep 17, 2012
Yes you can buy all the rank 10 TC cards in the Bazaar, however some are more rare than others. Storm Owl is extremely rare for example. Sabertooth is somewhere in the middle. Lord of Winter is pretty common. Morganthe drops Sabertooth quite frequently, try asking some level 100 friends to trade or to take you to the Shadow Palace. You can likely find someone outside Morganthe in a crowded realm that's willing to trade you.