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Crafting COULd be fun - it's not

Jul 04, 2010
Two things to remember about crafting:

1: It's an exercise in patience.

2: Never sell any reagents even if you think you'll never need them again regardless of their value.

Aug 13, 2009
crystalwizard12345... wrote:
I understand the developer's attempt to reflect that it's hard to make certain item.s


The developers need to stop developing and just play the game for a while. Each developer needs to be required to have 5 normal characters with no ability to cheat, and learn first hand why everyone is screaming about crafting. How frustrating it is, how annoying, how UN fun it is. Why the final reward of the crafted item is almost not worth the effort put into it, especially for the high level crafted equipment.

This game needs stuff to do that isn't just run around, kill stuff, get xp and level. Crafting COULD be one of those things.

However it's not.

What possesses the development team to think that it's a good idea to restrict required treasure cards so much that they are next to impossible to obtain is beyond me

The same for various rare reagents.

And it never fails.

New stuff to craft comes out with this innane restrictions, the community screams bloody murder, the developers reluctantly capitulate and adjust things so there's a reasonable chance of finding whatever it is.

How about the development team STOP with the attempt to be too restrictive in the first place, play the game they are designing themselves (a lot, like the players do) and not put us through the headaches with every new release?

I agree, I HATE Crafting, but I LOVE the benifits.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009

How about the development team STOP with the attempt to be too restrictive in the first place, play the game they are designing themselves (a lot, like the players do) and not put us through the headaches with every new release?

I assume that the development team does have wizards and does play the game.

This problem is one that we, the community, can solve on our own. How? By playing in the test realm! Put your high level wizards in, sure. But more importantly, put in your lowest wizards! Don't use gold or crowns. Do it alone and struggle. Then .... point out the problems to the developers.

After going through a couple of test realms, I'm seeing that many of these issues are overlooked because the wrong people are going into test realm. Instead of the grade school kids with no crowns and no patience, the testers are often hard core teens or adults, flush with cash, and already at the end of the game. They like the hard challenges, so naturally they aren't complaining about how hard it is when the release is still being tested and tweaked.

Meanwhile, the ordinary folks who are less enthusiastic about hard dungeons and drudgery in crafting, didn't get a chance to voice their opinions in test realm. This is why every release is followed up with an avalanche of complaints from the rank and file, and eventually KI may change things.

It could all be avoided, frankly, if more of us played through test realms with an eye towards the likely experience of younger players, and those who don't have a lot of crowns to spend.

On KI's end, maybe they should restrict test realm crowns to only those objects that are explicitly being tested. No henchmen, for example. The point is to test the experience, not just look for bugs. Right? Perhaps the hardest dungeons should be restricted to only 1-2 players in test realm, as that can more closely reflect the experience of most "ordinary" players. If any 2 average wizards can't beat it without help, then there's a problem.

Also, it may help if KI listens more carefully to the suggestions as well as to the bug reports. I'm not sure how many times suggestions have to be repeated, from unique testers, before KI pays attention---it might be nice to know that ahead of the next test realm.


That said, it is true that crafting has gotten MUCH easier since it was first introduced. I remember struggling to craft 5 athames and 5 daggers in Marleybone. Scrap iron was much harder to find in those days, even with vastly fewer players. KI heard enough complaints (and maybe the noticed a low percentage of people completing that quest), so they reduced the required amount to 2 each. KI will, eventually, get enough broad feedback on the latest crafting projects and they will continue to improve the areas of crafting that are still a little too challenging for "kids."

I agree that crafting really isn't "fun." Neither is training one's pet. (Actually, I hate training pets even more than I hate hunting for reagents for crafting, lol.) The point of both, however, is not "fun" per se. Rather, the point of both is to make something that is unique or will benefit your wizard; or to have a pet that is unique and will help your wizard. Both crafting and pet training are a means to an end. It's up to you to decide if that end is something you want badly enough to put up with the drudgery.