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crafting: caught a bug i think

Jul 27, 2009
i just finished my DS master artisan crafting.
now i go get the grandmaster quest for crafting from the old fella up in the floating lands od Celestia...

he gives me the recipe and a perfect glass vial and a perfect jade
the jade card has no picture of jade in it...
i go to the bazaar and buy a second perfect jade...
they do not show up in the recipe as having them
so i go the the mech butler in Celestia and buy 5 perfect jades from him and they show up in the recipe...
so i go to store all of them in the shared bank and i find the two no picture perfect jade will not go into it... so is this a bug that i can not get these two reagent cards to work or more so are they suppose to be this way.
please if you think you have the answer please wait till the professors answer before posting....

thank you