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Crafting and Natures Wrath Cards

Apr 24, 2010
Ok, I understand that building the GH House should not be an easy task, but Dang. Problem, not the stones, not the diamonds. Its not the thousands of things you have to do. Its simple, I cannot get Natures Wrath Cards Anyone else having similar problems. I tried getting a recipe card for them, but you have to be life to do that. What? I being a Master Craftsman has to be life school guy to make a Natures Wrath card. Ok, other option the Bazaar. Never has any.. So anyone have any real solution? Or do I wait the two or three months it may take to get lucky enough to buy them at the Bazaar. I am not building a life crafter just so I can build that house.. Sheeeesh. Thanks in advance to any real solutions.

Patrick Soulcrafter

Aug 21, 2009
you can trade crafted cards, so you can get a life friend to craft them for you, simply give them the regents required to make them and have them craft the cards and trade them over to you