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Crafting and Gold

Jan 03, 2010
Hi, I'm currently a level 53 Balance Wizard.
I try to sell almost everything in the Bazaar to keep my gold near the limit- it's sort of stupid, I know, however I'll have money for another wizard if needed.

I'm currently crafting the Seal of the Seven Seas, and waiting/refreshing the bazaar reagent screen is tiring; not including the fact that all of the reagents I need are at a very high price.

The bazaar I heard is based off an "amount to rarity" ratio, but what about stone blocks? They're hard to find in the bazaar, but sold at almost 10 gold a piece about!

I believe that some reagents' prices should be lowered because after making one Seal of the Seven Seas, my gold is about 120,000(or less, I'm not sure) from 300,000. That's literally just from buying reagents! 14 Perfect Jades, 10 Pristine Vials, 12 Sunstone, 22 Golden Pearl, 16 Fish Fin, 20 Sandstone, and 10 Polymorph Tryants; it's a lot but my gold has significantly decreased. As you've seen from my "How to Earn Gold" post, I've done that but now it's making a small dent.

There should be something fixed about how expensive reagents are, and sometimes how they're sold at a ridiculous small price when you wait 20 minutes to get maybe 5 stone blocks, very expensively. (Is that a word? I'm sorry.)

Hope this will have some sort of solution,

Hannah Goldenriver
Level 53

Aug 23, 2009
As useful as the Bazaar can be, have you tried making a harvest circuit? It tends to be quicker than refreshing the Bazaar and in many cases you can get next tier reagents. As in the case of stone blocks it is quick and easy since stone blocks are in several places in the Spiral. The price fluxes based on tier, prevalence, and uniqeness, since many of the CL reagents are cheaper than when they first came out. Also if you harvest while you quest you'll find lots of reagents. I know grinding for leveling items can become a myopic obsession, from my own experience as I tend to rush and hoard whenever there is a new crafting level to be had.