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Aug 09, 2011
So, I am a level 33 and I didn't use crafting until I got to marleybone (which I am completing now) because it took so long. Is crafting worth all the trouble of me catching up and having to get materials? Also, people always tell me that the crafting gear is super good, but is the regular quest/boss gear good enough?

Brady StormCaster, Level 33

Apr 08, 2011
Usually crafted gear is sometimes better than the gear that you buy at the bazaar. When I have lots of gold, I tend to stock up on reagents to craft gear.

Valerian DragonStalker
Promethean Sorcerer

Ian FireStalker
Legendary Pyromancer

Jul 13, 2012
I wouldn't worry about using crafted gear yet. You can get good drops or buy pretty good gear at the Bazaar without all of the hassle. There will come a time that it will really help to craft better gear and I would save your gold and reagents for then(probably around Wintertusk). Just my opinion though.

Jul 30, 2012
When you reach Zafaria I think its worth catching up on the crafting quests. It's much easier to complete the old crafting quests at this point too because of your access to wealth and reagents.

If you are into lots of houses the crafted portals available in Celestia are extremely handy. But it's so much easier to craft them once you have reached Zafaria or Avalon.

~ RH

Jan 29, 2013
I would get the craft quests done as you go but don't really bother crafting gear until your in I higher world. For me the gear got worth crafting once I was in wintertusk I love that gear and the Avalon and Azteca gear are good to. So save up your reagents for those places.
lvl 90

Feb 29, 2012
You have time to wait, or you can complete the quests as you go through the world you are in.
Gear is limited, but WT gear is top notch, and you need to craft AV gear for block.

Dec 29, 2008
I used to think crafting was lame an unimportant until I got to Avalon and heard that the gear was really good, when you get to around Zafaria the crafting gear starts gaining significance. Though, i wouldn't start at your time. its' not that important and when you're like me, high leveled, it's easier to do the quests, getting the reagents, having enough gold to afford everything. But good luck if you do!