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May 08, 2009
Here is my problem...

1. Crafting requires a ton of materials
2. Crafting requires tons of quests which at my level i do not get experience for just to gain ranks.
3. It takes tons of hours to make 1 item when most quests require more than one yes we get more slots but that alone doesnt help much.

So what you have right now is millions of people jumping from realm to realm farming for mats trying to up their crafting because the boss fights are impossible to do solo. This makes crafting almost as impossible and or more time consuming.

I am finished with grizzleheim i cannot do the boss fights there or to get the gear im still missing so all thats left is the crafting. Which i havent seen much that is going to show much of a real valuable return since when i go to sell it i get a mear fraction of what it sells for in the bazaar.

I dont mind farming and i dont mind the cool downs but what i dont like is the fact it takes me as long to farm up 8 scrap iron as it takes to make one ring.

If you make the mats rare as they are to get then bring down the cool downs or at least make the slots count for the same item like i can make 2 of this and two of that or two of something else but only a max of 2 at a time.

I have maxed out my mist wood and my stone blocks trying to farm for the 80 scrap iron i needed and i can sell it to the bazaar for a couple of coins each no help to me but would save others a billion years doing what i did for days.

And the crafting of the treasure cards???? The only cards i would make would be for other people because i already have the cards for free and can make them stronger faster with just the ones from the card store, not to mention the bazaar sells them for insane amounts. Why bother to sell them to the bazaar when they can be traded for free? I think you should be able to craft any spell if you spend the money on the recipe from the vendor if you take the time to hunt down the one that might sell it and not have them placed at just the school trees. That would make the fact all these recipe vendors scattered all over worth more time and effort to hunt down.

I REALLY like this game and have left all my other MMOs to play it because it was simple and i didnt have to spend billions of years grinding except for the end game gear... which i expect to find in any MMO which that much is fine. I dont mind grinding but i dont want to spend months working on a crafting skill that;

1. Brings in little to no money.
2. Crafts gear that is little better than what i am already wearing or i can find on bosses.
and last but not least...
3. Takes so much time to do you cant do it in a decent amount of time when you commit your time and focus souly on it.

Please help aside from working on one of my other 4 characters up to the point where we get to a boss thats impossible to beat there is not much left for my kids wife or me to do.

I dont want to leave another MMO for yet again the very same reasons i leave all the others. Especially where we all have so much fun playing the game as a family.

May 25, 2009
well i understand you are having a hard time and yes it is a long process but i have read other messages about the promblem and talked to a Adminastrater and they said crafting was not meant to become part of the core gameplay it was meant to be a added activaty for those who want to relax from the battling a little bit and i have also heard that the comotion of collecting ingriedents should die down soon

the treasure card crafting was meant to make wizards trade to get what kind of treasure card they wanted

so that's that

and sorry for all the misspellings

Aug 02, 2008
I agree with ZzHavokzZ. I am very disappointed in the crafting.

I am very disappointed with the treasure card aspect of the crafting. Why can I only make treasure cards for my school. Does this make sense? I already have all these spells through my normal school. I understand you can trade treasure cards but I am not interested in trading with other players. I do enjoy playing and started playing with my 10 year old son. I am not interested in making tons of friends to trade cards with. You can now buy cards at the bazaar but they are ridiculously expensive. A card that may have been 50 gold from the librarian is now 200+ gold at the bazaar. I think making cards for all schools should be available to anyone regardless of main school. Until some of these things are addressed I will not be crafting as it is too time consuming for the reward.

Apr 10, 2009
Treasure cards are too simple to make yourself. (Don't get any ideas of fixing that, KI). I thought that a better incentive for me, a solo'er for many quests, to interact with people. As a life wiz (a solo life wiz, i know, against the grain) I have to rely on kindness to get me a Storm Lord or other card.

Item hunting is fun. I don't craft much - but i still collect stuff because its like - Oh! Free stuff! I wish crafting was better used for something I really want or for vanity items. Like maybe furniture making. Making 'meh' items through scavenging is a timesink I don't see the payoff in.

Apr 02, 2009
I look at the crafting as an added feature to the game, for some that is fun and interesting and many may enjoy it.

However, myself I do not. I liked this game cause of the simplicity of it. Now with this update that has changed, I like to do the quest and some of them take hours to do. I don't want to spend hours making cards to trade to be able to complete these quest.

And as others have stated I to do not play this game to make friends, I play with a few rl friends and I like it that way. Now we are in a round about way being forced to make friends in game. As an "older" player I play for my enjoyment only.

And I believe we should still have the option to buy the gold cards from the librarian as before at the same price with the same assortment of cards to choose from.

But this has definitely made me think twice about continuing to play as paying player.

Alura IceGem/level 49 Thaumaturge