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Crafting 2 items at once

Sep 19, 2013
Yes, I read the old locked topic. I wish to refresh it. Why you ask? ok, well I got the task to create 2 items. I can only create 1 at a time.

1) I see no changes to my slots (only have 1 slot).
2) I have plenty of reagents:
a) 19/6 jade
b) 188/3 simple viles
c) 14/5 deep mushrooms
d) 12/6 stone blocks
3) I have waited for over 5 hours and the only slot that I see says "Slot Available".

It will allow me to craft, but then again, only one is crafted. I don't see a second slot, nor do I see how to enable a second slot. When I got the task, it said that the dude or dudette instructed me on how to concentrate. Well, I've concentrated as hard as I can, and I can not figure out how to do two items at once. Is there something else I'm suppposed to do? Is this available on the Basic Crafting Station, or do I need to get another station? Please assist? Please tell me what I am doing wrong. You might have to get as specific as to tell me what corner of the screen to look in, but trust me, I've looked already, and I am just not seeing it. Thanks for your time and patience.
In the mean time, I'll let the cool down process take place again, and I'll check back here for an answer later. thank you again.

Sep 17, 2012
You don't need to craft them at the same time. You just need to craft it twice. Extra slots come with higher crafting ranks. Eventually you will have the ability to craft 3 at a time. If you crafted the item in the quest, it will be in your backpack (or bank if full). Once you have made 2, take the items back to the crafter to fill the quest.

Mar 18, 2009
There could be several explanations depending upon which crafting quest you are on.

1.) Higher level crafting quests may sometimes require you to craft at a specific location. You can tell by the potion icon displayed next to the reagent listings.

2.) If you are not a high level crafter, you only have one or two crafting "slots". Certain quests will require you to craft two items, but you only may have one crafting slot available. This is the whole cooldown concept. Game makers don't want you quickly crafting through the requirements, hence the reason for timers.

a. You don't get additional slots from the quest itself, you only gain additional slots by completing certain crafting levels.

b. Make sure the "slot available" you are referencing is an actual crafting slot and not a pet hatching slot. The last slot is usually the pet hatching timer and has a piggle picture. Crafting slots are all pictures of work benches.

Almost all crafting cooldown timers are no more than 24 hours (lower level items should be less time).

Sep 19, 2013
I don't think either of you understood. I really am having a hard time grasping all of the concepts of this game. As it is, I'm a level 60 Wizard with 3000 laff points and doing things that I should have done and level 8 or 9. Crafting is one of them.

OK with that in mind, I just got the task to craft 2 things at once. It was given in Krok, the first crafting task in Krock. It was to craft 2 Poniards of Gallantry. The task master said that he taught me how to "concentrate" so that I could craft 2 things at once.

I can't. I can only do it one at a time. My backpack is far from full. I craft one and then have to wait like an hour and 45 minutes. The entire purpose of this task is to be able to not have to wait on the cooldown time, and this is even stated in the task by the task master. HOWEVER, it seems that this is impossible...

You are currently working on the quest "A Set of Steak Knives" which asks you to create two Poniards of Gallantry. As others have stated, you have to make these two items concurrently, not consecutively. You only have one crafting slot at this time. You will obtain additional Crafting Slots as you progress through your Crafting tasks - having more than one Crafting Slot will allow you to craft items concurrently.

To review the text from a quest, press Q to open your quest journal. Click the "more info" button on your quest.

it will display the entire conversation for that quest so you can refresh your memory on your exact tasks

All this, and much more can be found in our Player Guide linked at the top of these Message Boards. Here is the exact text from Wul'yahm - you'll note he says nothing about making them at the same time, just that you have to make two items instead of one. You will craft one, then wait for your crafting timer to reset, and then you can craft the other. Crafting is definitely a lesson in patience.