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Crafting 2 items at once

Jun 19, 2010
Good morning all,

I am a bit confused and hope someone can answer this. In krokotopia after completing the Rings of Insight the quest text says something along the lines that Wulayham (sp?) teaches you how to craft 2 items at once. Then I get a quest to craft 2 poinards of Gallentry. I pop back to my place and still on the crafting table interface I can't find how to craft 2 items at once.

Where is the button/icon to craft 2 things at once?

thanks much!

May 27, 2009
What you get is an additional crafting slot. You still use the same crafting table, If you went straight back to craft the Poniards, you were only able to make one because the cool-down has not yet run down on the Ring of Insight you just made. In your spellbook, click on the stopwatch icon at the top to see your timers.

May 23, 2009
I have this same problem. I was given another slot, I went to craft two things at the same time, and I can't. Where's the other slot?

May 27, 2009
Same answer - one of your slots is still in cool-down mode. Click on the top tab of your spellbook, then the stopwatch icon. It will show you the status of all of your timers.

If they all say Slot Ready - check to make sure your backpack is not full. You cannot craft gear if there is no space for it to enter your backpack.