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crafted stuff in packs

Aug 15, 2009
it was sad to see crafted stuff given in packs being sold at the bazaar. things like the wyrmkin items, grandfather clock, tea set, etc.

if warlord gear was given in packs and sold at auction i am sure the pvpers would be up in arms about earning the right to wear pvp stuff.

The same holds true with crafting stuff. Now i dont care that its given away in packs but they should be no auction items that people either have to craft them or buy them in packs.

Otherwise it cheapens the experience of a cool part of the game. That is why craft or even buy the packs when you can get it with gold? very cheaply at that.

Jul 15, 2011
I kinda agree. I had just recently crafted one of the wyrmkin beds and was very excited to show it off to some friends. Three weeks later the new pack came out and they are everywhere now. I don't mind tossing in a craftable item or two in the packs, but it'd be a lot cooler if more of the stuff in packs wasn't craftable, at least at first. Then add recipes for it a month or two down the line after the initial excitment over new packs has faded. Good news is the mannequins are still only craftable.

Aug 15, 2009
i like your idea. it really makes sense when ya consider the generation of items or the way it should be to get them from packs or crown items and then get recipes for these items after a time to make an option in getting these items. Ether way, make these items giftable but not ever auctionable.
then it would be a win win cause then people who have stuff would feel a sense of ownership and ki would have more income derived from crowns and goodwill from people who enjoy the game and therefore like KI and dont mind if they make a profit.

Jul 28, 2012
I hear ya... I spent no telling how much time and tens of thousands of gold crafting an aquarium. Bout a month later what do I see in the bazaar? Bout six of them. For how much? Bout 5100 gold.