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Crafted Spell for balance worth it?

May 23, 2009
The crafted spell for balance, savage paw requires 6 take care of savage paw, 100 perfect ruby, 200 ghost fire, 50 fossils, 25 turquoise, 50 scrap iron, 25 sunstone, and 12 Amber. The part I like about this spell is that it will give you a blade which you can stack up with other blades. I was thinking of doing it until I saw you need 12 AMBER, one of the rarest reagent. Should I at least try and garden to get amber or should I just stop. Is that spell really worth it for 12 amber

Jul 15, 2011
Every spell recipe so far requires amber. I'd go ahead and start gardening it. If you find out later that you no longer want the spell, you'll still have the amber and you just never know when Kings isle will add a new crafted spell.

May 23, 2009
Wow not " take care " savage paw, tc savage paw. Autocorrect lol.

Feb 24, 2009
Give it a shot. Why not? (Unintentional rhyme ;D)

Feb 02, 2013
collect the items. The spell should be worth it.

Jun 17, 2012
I think you should do it. not only do you get a new spell, you get bragging rights! and 85 percent of wizards have never even heard of that spell.

Feb 06, 2010
Well when you think about it you will realize that this spell is not trainable (So much value right there) and not from a quest (Oh snap! so much value) so it's a rare collectible. And the effects are good because it's like a dark pact but you don't take damage and this one's blade has 5% less value and instead of taking damage you deal damage. And you save a turn (spectral blast then balance blade is what I like to call this spell) plus it's different from balance blade. So a little less damage than life's 6 (Wow!) pip spell for 5 pips and a bonus stackable blade. I think it's a good spell and a good use is to break shields and add a blade for a follow up spell. I say it's worth it. In test I got that spell and boy PvP was a breeze for me due to the spell.