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Crafted Items In New Pack?

Feb 13, 2011
How do you feel about working so hard to craft something unique and then find it in the Bazaar or in the latest pack?

Feb 24, 2009
And this wizards, is why I only craft the rare gear and houses and kiosks...
>_< Its a shame, but if it brings it money, there is almost no argument that can go against it when you are saying it to a business. It would be cool if that worked.
"Stop making money and make me happy" That would be an amazing dream

Jul 03, 2010
Personally I do not mind it at all. If we choose one route to get something and others then can choose another I have no problem with it. Water over the dam at this point. Realize everything has a shelf life.

I think way too much in the game is totally unavailable and out of the reach to the general wizard population as it is.

Case in point - I made many trips though Water Works for that elusive game changing gear, I have no problem with that becoming a gift to every wizard who manages to get their wizard to level 60, especially to the menu chat players who it broke my heart seeing dissed at the door in the event. This is gear your wizard could use though Avalon or what else, the level 58 gear?

I did craft the gear for my wizards with the one wizard I did manage to complete the Seal of the Seven Seas with. That seems to have been shut down now though because I tried to move my Myth robe to my shared bank before deleting it and it is now labeled a No Trade Item.

As for me I have picked my battles with things in the game as it has grown over time - I don't craft any more, I don't train pets, I garden for fun not amber, I buy all my regular gear at the Bazaar. In short I play the game and have no interest is all the fluff that I don't need to have. I still like the game but as things expand to accommodate newer players it is getting harder and harder to.