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Craftable spells - Where is fire's?

Feb 24, 2009
(Skip this paragraph if you dont wanna read my little rant) I am sure falmae is dissappointed because looking at all the craftable spells, my main wizard is a fire, and out of all the schools to not have a craftable spell; take a guess, woohoo, fire. Bummer for me. I know that most people wont be crafting the spells, (Amber, treasures, yadda yadda) but me, I usually go for most things on my main wizard before going to my other wizards to work on. (Ex: I have all quests done on my main, except for one, need a friend to catch up, along with most obtainable badges). So I was thinking; maybe a new craftable spell added in for fire? :)

The recipe could be found in dun scaith with Grady, like the other 3, for 60,000 gold, like the other 3, with needing 50 sunstone, 50 springs, 6 of its treasure, 12 amber, and a few other reagents, LIKE THE OTHER 3.
So here is what I thought the spell could be:

Dragon Nest
460-540 Damage
4 Pips
6 little dragon spawns (Remember them from Crystal caves? Woohoo.)come out of a little magma pool in the center, and swarm at the enemy for about 1 or 2 seconds

To craft it you need:
Legendary Artisan
6 Dragon Nest Treasure cards
200 Ghost Fire
100 Perfect Rubies
50 Springs
50 Sunstone
12 Amber
100 Fire Blossoms
100 Ectoplasm

Now, thats all I really have, any opinions? :)

Oct 15, 2010
I like it. Maybe they are waiting to add fire's craftable spell until the next world.

Jan 12, 2012
I'm with you there ... allthough I am a Necromancer, my secondary school is fire and I would love a great fire crafted spell.

Maybe by the time they have it I will actually have some amber to work with :)

Knowing my luck, the fire spell will want braided vine, just because I don't have any :)

Nov 16, 2010
There is a fire craftable spell called Brimstone Revenant from master Yan Kan Kook in Shirataki temple when you beat the plague oni.And he was added when avalon was so i'm assuming The fire spell was added then too.

Jul 15, 2010
there is a craftable fire spell already , Brimstone Reverant , sry if mispelled wrong. David LifeMender

Feb 24, 2009
All of you read the date I posted this - June. That was before it was out. Its Brimstone Revenant btw. I am waiting on the amber.