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Craftable Spells - Legendary Crafter?!

Aug 26, 2010
I like the craftable spells, they are good spells for someone around level 40, maybe 50. I used the treasure cards of these almost as soon as they were dropped because I liked the spells. But the problem is you must be a legendary crafter in order to craft the spells. In order to become a Legendary crafter you must be level 70 (or almost 70 if you skipped side quests to get to Zafaria faster).

Unlike all of the rest of the crafting teachers, the one in Zafaria doesn't show up until you do a couple of main line quests, which means you can't be a Legendary crafter before you have reached Zafaria. But by the time you have reached Zafaria, these spells are not strong enough to be very useful and so are really just a waste of reagents.

Can the crafting level for these spells be fixed so that they are at an appropriate level for the spell? If the recipe is being sold by the Adept Crafter instructor, it should be an Adept level recipe. After all we can't own recipes that we can't make. So, he shouldn't have recipes that he can't make.

I have no problem with reagents being what they are, because it is supposed to be difficult to make. It should just be able to be made by the people who actually could use it.

Oct 05, 2010
Actually I believe some of them are still useful, like the myth and death ones. Ninja pigs does more damage than minotaur although not by much its still useful in PvP. Deer Knight is a 5 pip AoE thats not steal health which is extremely valuable for a death I myself am trying to craft it and all I'm really worried about is Amber :D

Aug 26, 2010
Sorry, I'm talking about the three you get in Mooshu, from the Mooshu crafting teacher, not the ones you get in Avalon.