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Craft enhancements for your clothing

Jan 17, 2010
How great would it be if we could craft enhancements such as additional health, power pip rate, or damage and apply them to our clothes. Or maybe craft rings that do the same thing and be able to wear more than one ring at a time. I would be willing to invest quite a bit of time in something like this that would really benefit my character.

Apr 02, 2010
I just started Celestia but it *appears* that on that world some items can only be obtained through crafting. Someone who has reached level 60 and Grandmaster Crafter would have a much more worthwhile opinion.

From Wizard City to Dragonspyre only once did I find a recipe for a clothing article that was better than the one my character had on.

There is another avenue for character enhancement, involving lots of time, gold, and frustration, its called "hatching pets" and its side kick "farming for rare pet drops".