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could we have more 'useful/sensible' recipes

Jun 06, 2009
I have been playing the game since before crafting began, before reagents became the prime item won in duels, before the Bazaar (lol). My Keira life has so much stuff and almost all of it won. Most of my others have little because it was no longer available to be won-
Crafting started and there was a complete turnaround in items won - very little available. Crafting back then - many of us gave up on it once you hit MB and need for scrap iron , lol. Later crafting was eased up but many people didnt bother. I have since started mine on the badges as they finish CL along with gardening.
Now they can craft, i want some goodies for the house i cant buy.I am willing to craft. Personally most of the craft recipes for the houses are ugly weird and....( keep thinking those thoughts.)
But there are not alot of things to buy really either, I have crafted the tea set for the house and the sandwhich station - the only dishes i can place on the table are black plates from GH, and then add black steins from MB
Could you add some more 'useful' type recipes? i wont waste the gold or reagents to make half of what is there and they require strange amounts of regents to boot.
Some prices in cl ?- rediculous
you can buy the crab table with 3 chairs for 1620gold but the recipe of one is chair is 8715; and little variety in what is there to try and make.

Some my Petition to KI - please add recipes that at least appear useful, functional, lol

I do have fun
thanks Keira of many Legends