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Cost of Crafting

Jan 14, 2009
Nobody wants to find all the reagents for crafting and if you buy them they cost a bunch of gold but when you do the quest you get very little back.... doing these quests can make u lose money but gain more badges and more abilities but is it worth it? Plz tell me what you think

Aug 23, 2009
I think it is worth it, I'm half way in my collecting for Grandmaster Artisan level, and find it frustrating, however, in the long run think it will be worth it. Plus with all the housing and equipment items that can only be crafted; especially with some of the new GMA recipes that are out there, plus the various reagents and components needed by others go for premium price-granted not real worth or sell price; not bad considering most of my reagents are harvested instead of bought. But it is a weed out side venture, so if it doesn't suit you get out of it, not being mean, just trying to save you frustration.