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Mar 21, 2009
i have read COUNTLESS people fed up with crafting and i have two things to say about it!

1: if your don't want to do the crafting quest THEN DON'T DO THEM!! nobody is making you do anything
2: don't tell me that when ever you see a Master Artisan badge you don't feel amazed at them for completing these "IMPOSSIBLE" quests if they can do it so can you! KI made this hard in order to see who the real dedicated crafters are and if you ever do get a Master Artisan you have something to be proud of! I've seen NOOBS with a savior of the spiral badge meaning that Mali- stare is not a badge that would make you feel that special or does it? A grandmaster sharing the same badge as a Noob how special is that?(no offense to the noobs)

What i'm saying is to stop complaining about it being to hard ,and demanding KI to fix something that is not broken or bugged. either deal with it and continue working on those quests or give up and ignore them, simple really.

Wolf Dawn-blood Grandmaster Sorcerer
P.s i'm working on Mooshu crafting