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Changes need to crafting after Master Artisan

Jun 08, 2009
Finally managed to reach the crafting anvil in DS to craft my first post Master Artisan items last night. I excitedly crafted my three items (Cowl, Cloak, and Slippers of Gleaming Havoc), equipped them, and promptly ran off to the dye shop to change the colours.

Well, apparently, colour isn't allowed in Master Artisanville. The only colours available to me where a base of either red or pink, and trim of red, pink, orange, and yellow.


I make it through the crafting marathon to become a Master Artisan so I can try out some of the new equipment that has two buffs for each of two different schools, and now you're telling me I can only have the colours that you want me to have?

I really hope this is a bug, or maybe just a case of KI thinking "not many people have made it to Master Artisan, let alone made it and actually crafted some of the new equipment, so we'll just fix this later".

Please, KI, fix this. I don't care if you want to slap a flashing "eat at Joe's" sign on my new cowl, or an "I brake for Manders" bumper sticker on the back of my new cloak, but please, let me have access to the colours; let me actually be a Master Artisan!

Sophia Moondust
Master Pyromancer, Master Artisan

p.s. - the max health boost on these post Master Artisan equipment items seems a bit low to me. The cowl, cloak, and slippers I just crafted have max health boosts of 156, 217, and 82 respectively. Couldn't these be bumped up to something a bit more respectable, say, 200, 250, and 100? It's only another collective 95 health, but it might entice more people to try for Master Artisan, and encourage those who have already reached Master Artisan, to craft them.

Jan 07, 2009
I'd love to be up with you, can't find the recipe for cloak of weighty grief I'm suppost to make 5 of. Was that one of the ones you had to make? if so where did you find the recipe?

Oct 07, 2009
I completely agree with you on the boost of master artisan clothing. It took me ages to get to master artisan and I am still not seeing the benefit of it.
Not only can I not make my items on the crafting tables, but the things we can make do not make up for the long tiresome road to get the master artisan badge.
To be honest I have no idea where to find the anvil to make my robes.
I know it is in DS somewhere, but I can't find it :-(

Crafting seems to be more about running around trying to find stuff that nobody knows where is than actually *crafting*. :?

Jan 27, 2009
when i got to master artisan i mostly just stuck to crafting housing items. i now have my very own mini game fairgrounds in my house, complete with carousel, pavilion, and large and small tents. i even have a fake life wizard mannequin standing on the pavilion in the same spot that Sabrina (shield trainer) stands in the wiz city fairgrounds.

May 27, 2009
I totally agree that the gear is under-powered and it's a pain in the ____ to have to go for a dragon ride to get to the Master Crafting Anvil to make any extras. I think Master Artisans should be able to "break the rules" and craft gear of ANY color, and with maybe a few style choices even.

Aug 18, 2009
i know this is not the solution you want Sephrenia,

there is a way for you to change the colors, but (don't you just hate that little three letter word) it will require 100 crowns per item.

if you take them to the seamstress and change the style to anything, even to something that looks exactly the same, it will open up all the colors at the dye shop.

but it will be cheaper to get the new style item in the right color first.