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Centaur Treasure Cards

Apr 06, 2009
I'm trying to craft the Everlasting Staff from Celestia and the only issue I'm having are the Centaur treasure cards. I tried making my own cards from a life wizard on this account and then I tried trading them to my sister's account so I can trade it to mine but you can't trade a Centaur? I can't craft it because it's life only and I can't trade it so what else am I supposed to do? I heard there are some from a pack but wasting real money for this isn't the best option. It's kinda sad that I might have to create another account on my sister's file and level that up just for four cards. Luckily I have one but none have crossed my path. I even considered learning all the life spells just to get that Centaur but I don't have enough training points. I haven't gotten anything from gardening either and I've been gardening for quite awhile now. I don't really see how I'm going to obtain four more Centaurs when it's impossible to get them without buying crowns. The bazaar has none, I might be able to buy one if I sit in front of the computer screen for hours refreshing the page. There has to be an option to at least craft the Centaur cards for everybody and not just life students. This is virtually impossible to get Centaurs.

May 27, 2009
You might check some of the fansites for trading partners to get those Centaur cards. My Life wizard crafts them for trading to other crafters.

Feb 24, 2009
Seeing as you have a sister; Give her the cards from your life wizard, go onto your main, and have her trade them to you. Or if you wanna be wild and crazy like me, trust them with one of your friends, which I highly dont recommend. Me and my friend farmed for 2 hours, I got 2 deer knights, (I LOVE crafting...) and he scared me to death, saying that he deleted them by accident. If Nicholas SandRunner is reading this, dont do that next time, its enough you put me to shame in PvP. Another way is create another account, trade the cards to it, and get your cards on your other wizard. Thats how I do it. I had the same problem, except with crafting a sign for my house.