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Celestian Shield Issues

Feb 19, 2009
As I come toe the final steps of making the crafted CL house, I am required to get 2 Celestian Shields. At first I thought you could craft them too but I was wrong. Then I learn you get them off of Curuin CharmTooth in the District of Stars. I fugred this would be easy but I was wrong again. The problem with getting these shields for me is constantly having to fight this boss over and over exhaustingly and still not got them. Plus to make matters worse, nobody ever sells them in the bazaar when I am there. So what I really need right now is someone to help me farm Curuin Charmtooth because I posted on Central but I have waited over 6 hours now and have yet to receive a reply. Plus some of my best legendary friends are constantly busy so they won't help. So could anyone here PLEASE help me farm Curuin or perhaps meet up with me in-game to sell some Celestian Shields in the bazaar? I would really appreciate it as I want this house done badly!

Community Leader
Feb 19, 2009
Paige MoonShade wrote:
Those are dropped in the district of stars by Charmtooth. Here is a guide to help.

I know that he drops them. What I was asking is if someone could help me farm him. But I solo'd him and got the stuff so it's fine now.