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Celestian Observatory Advice

Feb 19, 2009
I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on this. So I got all the reagents exactly calculated and have them all but the Sunstones. I only have 15 of them. My question is: Since I have Transmute Stone Block, Transmute Sandstone, and Transmute Sunstone, should I try to farm around a specific world for Stone Blocks for a while using the transmutation process to eventually get them all, farm Chancel for Sunstones, or some other thing. If farming Stone Blocks would be best, where should I go to get a suitable amount of them? Using the Realm Switch technique at least. Thanks to anyone who can help. :-)

Apr 30, 2010
For farming stone blocks I'd say Kroktopia is your best choice. I always see tons of them there.

Aug 19, 2009
where did you find the celestian shields at? I can find a vendor anywhere to buy the recipe i have been farming charmtooth for a week and havent got any such luck. any idea where i can find one more?

Aug 23, 2009
It is only dropped by Curuin Charmtooth in District of Stars, farming him at such a high is annoying, but necessary to complete the Observatory.

Dec 20, 2008
The best place to get reagants is the Bazaar. I got the recipe and finished a Celestian Statue because of the Bazaar.

:-)Lengendary Conjurer :-)

Aug 22, 2010
Best places for stone blocks is Krokatopia & DragonSpire; DS being the better of the 2.

As far as the Celestian shields go; you have to craft them. Some people said they are rare drops, but I never seen it happen.

The best way to get sunstone is to transmute.

Buying from the bazaar is the next best way if you got plenty of gold & don't mind spending endless hours fighting everyone else's reflexes to get them.

The worst way & most time consuming is drops. Some bosses & monsters do drop sunstone, but it's very, very, very, very, very, very ,very, very, very, very, very rare that they do... VERY RARE.

Community Leader
Here is a guide to help you
Shields are a drop item. They cannot be crafted.
If you are looking for transmute recipes I would check out there recipe merchant in Celestia base camp.

Feb 16, 2010
QuantumCat wrote:
As far as the Celestian shields go; you have to craft them. Some people said they are rare drops, but I never seen it happen.

The Celestian Shield is not craftable. There is no recipe. It is dropped by Charmtooth in the District of the Stars. It is however tradeable and auctionable, and as such you can occassionally find them for sale in the bazaar.

Mar 06, 2010
Plant plants that give sunstones, like maelstrom snap dragons
The maelstrom snap dragons also have some other great drops.
Also, here is a list of all the plants and enemies that drop sunstones
Other than that you can farm sandstone and transmute
Or farm stone blocks and transmute to sandstone then sunstone