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carousel is missing?

May 15, 2009
there is something wrong with my crafting station. I just recently purchased the carousel recipe, but it isn't showing up for me to craft at my crafting table even though I have all the ingredients.

I know I don't have a carousel on my storm wizard unless I got one as a drop or from somewhere else and I didn't know it.
I don't see one in my inventory when I pull up the decoration button so I don't see why it won't let me craft it.

The Carousel requires a crafting station outside of the ones you can purchase.

Crafting Station Required: Dragonspyre Crafting Station

To find out where you need to craft your recipe, Press J when you're not in a duel and select the recipe from your list. Then click this icon on the far left near your reagent count:

It will tell you which type of Crafting Table you need to use. While most Crafting Tables can be purchased and placed in your house or dorm, some are located in worlds such as Dragonspyre & Grizzleheim.

May 15, 2009
thanks very much :) I created my carousel and now it sits proudly in my soon-to-be fairegrounds