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Can't talk to Felicia Wellington after MB Crafting

Jun 30, 2009
I completed the Marleybone Crafting quest and now have talk to felicia wellington as one of my quests. But when I go to her, the question mark is greyed out and she still says she needs the five rings and the five thames. I have exited the game and rebooted my computer and this has not corrected the problem. Has anyone had this issue?

Jul 18, 2009
Make sure to double check your inventory and see if all the items you were asked to make are still there in your backpack. My son thought he finished and made a mistake of selling one of the items to a merchant. Once he remade the item the quest was able to be completed.

You might want to check your bank if you are missing an item in your backpack. When your inventory limit is reached your items go to your bank.

Jul 06, 2008
how did you get all the scrap iron. i am stuck on that quest cause i cant find any.can you help in any way?

Jun 30, 2009

Thank you hiway1999, you were right. I went back, made the missing item and all was well.

Teaman - In Chelsea Court, at the area in front of Timmy Icepick there are three piles of scrap iron. They do not necessarily show up all at once. The thing to do is stay there (no bad guys reach this area) and jump from realm to realm. In almost every realm you will have at least one pile, often two. There is also a silver chest that pops up back in the corner every once in a while and a pile of stones that will pop up.

Realm jumping is really the way to go when collecting this number of reagents. Good luck.