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Can't Finish Felicia Worthington's Quests

Mar 05, 2009
Hello, KI! I have a major problem. On my level 45 Death Wizard, Wolf ShadowHeart, I've been working to get a mannequin. I need to finish Felicia Worthington's crafting quests to do so.

Unfortunately, I can't do that. I began crafting before the updates to the game, so back when you needed five constellation jewels instead of two. I made three, and then the game was updated. I made all the Stingers of The Scorpion, but then, it said I hadn't finished making constellation jewels! So, I crafted another constellation jewel, and it said to go talk to Felicia Worthington. But when I went to talk to her, she still had the grey arrow over her head (symbolizing that I was still working on her quest), and when I talked to her, she acted as if I wasn't done yet!

Until I reach Initiate Crafter, I can't make a mannequin! I really want one, and I'll never reach Initiate with this problem. So, please help, Kings Isle!

Jun 30, 2009
That's the same with me.

I had to do a quest for the guy in Kroktopia. And I did all of his quests. So I got to the last one, and i crafted the 3 Swords. After I finished crafting the swords he said. "Come back to me when you are done crafting _________" It was frustrating. SO, I did it AGAIN. He said the SAME thing. So I did it AGAIN and he said the SAME THING, and guess where it is leading to next?? So I did it AGAIN and he said the SAME EXACT THING!!!!!!!!!!