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Can't cash in on Toshio - Help please!

Nov 05, 2011
So I got the quest "Dirks of Daring" from Toshio in Mooshu which tells me to craft 2 possibility dirks.
When I crafted them, I got the next goal which was to bring them back to Toshio for evaluation.
However, when I got to him his question mark above his head was grey and when I talk to him, he tells me that I still need to make them.

I've tried making two more, I've tried quitting and coming back on, I've logged out and come back on the next day... Nothing's working. :(

Is this just something that my wizard has a glitch with or has this happened to anyone else and, if so, how do I fix this?!

Kayla River - 64 Thaumaturge

Jul 18, 2010
U sure they are in ur backpack? If they not he will think u didn't craft them. Otherwise I do not know sorry I am not much help I know ...greyrose please help us!!! We need u!!!

May 10, 2013
If you crafted the items, or equipped it (trash it, fed it to a pet, sell it, put it in bank) Toshio can't give you any credit on the Quest.

And you can always craft another.

May 10, 2013
If you equipped them (fed it to a pet, trashed it, sold it to a vendor, its in your bank) Toshio can't give credit for the proof of that you crafted it. And you can always craft another.