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Can someone please help me?

Jul 24, 2014
So i am a max storm and i never did crafting in my life but now i got all the crafting stations and started to do the crafting quests. So basically i finished the Marleybone quest and got into MooShu and talked to the little goat guy. He gave me a quest to craft 2 rings. They are called Seal of the Seraphim. But they are not in my recipes in the backpack as you can see here:

And they are also not in my Equipment crafting station, as you can see in the following picture:

So that is the reason i am making this complaint because i am unable to do my crafting quests and i have no idea why is this happening when it says on my quest to craft 2 of those rings. Can someone explain this?

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
You need to buy the recipe from Toshio, just like you did with all the other crafting recipes so far. The same NPC who gives you the crafting assignment almost always sells you the recipe as well. (The exception will be in Dragonspyre.)

Also note that you must craft the rings on an Equipment table.

Alia Misthaven

Nov 16, 2017
I'm having the same issue. I did buy the recipe from goat guy and it shows up on my recipe list...........ah, I bet I know why I don't see it when I'm back at the house. I'm looking for it in my Basic table list. You say Equipment table. Okay. Going shopping.

Sydney Skyblood lvl 99 Incindiari

Nov 16, 2017
I basically just started going through the closet if I couldn't find a recipe once I got home. Was it a knife, a ring? Closet being your backpack that is. I've also found that keeping some distance between your crafting tables helps too. I know that doesn't make any sense, but I had mine in a U shape and would stand in front of what I thought was the Basic only to find out the computer was picking up the Equipment one. My Seraphim recipe showed up in my book as soon as I had the correct table in my house. Tricky stuff. The next crafter is the guy in Dragonspyre. He wants you to make a couple more rings that need diamonds. You can transmute the diamonds from Ore. I flew Dragonspyre today and picked up a lot of Ore. I got the recipe from Kimba Kalla guy on the dock in the water mole village. Once you have enough Ore it takes seconds to create a diamond. New table though - Card crafting table. I'm looking forward to making myself some decent gear.

Iridian Icewalker lvl 62 Ice

Jul 26, 2013
when you were doing that crafting quest and went to craft your item, you were at the wrong table. It won't show up at the table when your crafting it if your not at the right table.