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Call me what you will...

Nov 10, 2011
But I've decided to get ALL of the craftable spells on ONE wizard. I know, I must be crazy, right? Nevertheless, I'm currently doing so, and over the one and a half years I've been playing, I'm actually doing pretty well. So far, I've only managed to get the Ninja Pigs and Samoorai spells, and these are the materials I need to craft the rest of the spells (materials in red are for if I decide to craft Goat Monk instead of farm it):

2 Keeper of the Flame TC
5 Lord of Night TC
10 Luminous Weaver TC
3 Winter Moon TC
100 Perfect Jade
900 Ghost Fire + 200 Ghost Fire
100 Grendelweed
100 Fish Fin
50 Spring
59 Turquoise
29 Sunstone +50 Sunstone
107 Amber +12 Amber

Now that you know my mission, I would like to ask for some assistance in my little journey: Does anyone know if the Goat Monk spell still drops from Zaneki in Mooshu? I've farmed him at least 200+ times, and I still have nothing to show for it except for a bunch of dusty old Shrine furniture in my house. Has anyone been able to get the dropped version of Goat Monk in say, the past month? Or would I have better luck just sucking it up and getting even more reagents to craft Goat Monk as well as all of the others?

Thanks in advance,
-Daniel SoulWalker, Promethean Sorcerer

Oct 26, 2010
Look it up on Wizard101 Wiki. But, yes, Zaneki still drops the goat monk card.