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Broken Quest?

Mar 20, 2018
I'm currently getting round to doing all my crafting quests, and I've just finished (somewhat) the Felicia Worthington quest in Marleybone.... However, I've crafted everything, and my pointer is telling me to hand it in, but the question mark above her head is still greyed out!
Is anyone else having the same issue or is it just me? (I have also sent in a ticket about it )

Kayla DragonBreeze

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Did you craft two rings and two athames? She wants two of each.

Also make sure you have them in your backpack when you go to Felicia, and make sure you crafted the correct rings and athames. (I've crafted the wrong thing by mistake before.)

Alia Misthaven

Mar 20, 2018
Oh, I need the athames in my bag at the same time too? I thought it was just the Constellation Jewels! I'll definitely add them to my bag! Thank you!

Kayla DragonBreeze