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brimstone revenant treasure card

Jun 18, 2012
Okay so I have the Recipe to craft the Deck card. But it calls for 10 brimstone revenant treasure cards to craft the deck card.

Where on Earth do I find the brimstone revenant treasure card! Please do not tell me the Bogg Witch in Avalon! After fighting her in DeepWater 45 times she does not drop one Brimstone Revenant treasure card.

is there another quest? Please help me!

- Thomas WaterSinger - Level 80

Dec 28, 2010
The Bogg Witch drop the treasure card. Card is rare and takes time to get one. I have crafted this spell already and I got all mine from there. Dont give up just keep farming ;)

Feb 28, 2011
Ok, this is going to sound odd, considering the lower level world and all, but this is actually listed on wizard101 wiki. You can also try farming Orin Grimcaster in Dragonspyre. He's in the Crucible. Good luck though. He has yet to drop one for me.

Steven Hawk