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Blade treasure card exchange

May 07, 2011
I am a gardener who grows a large amount of honey sickles each week for the blade treasure cards. The ones I require are the life blades. Anyone who grows these knows that the drop results are random. So, what I'd like to propose is a 'farmer's market' of sorts, where farmers could trade blade cards, rather than rely on the bazaar to sell and buy their blade treasure cards. I'd propose meeting on Wednesdays at 8pm CST and on Saturdays at 12 noon CST at the Unicorn Statue on Unicorn way in realm Unicorn. At that place and time, we could meet to exchange cards, much to everyone's benefit. I think we'd all walk away with a lot more cards that we can actually use. Any takers?

Calamity Skullblood, legendary Life Wizard

Mar 11, 2010