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black pearl black pearl BLACK PEARL

Mar 06, 2010
where do i find them?

jack bearblood lvl 50 balance
jack lifehunter lvl 42 life

Mar 18, 2010
In Mooshu, they are a rare drop of Black Lotus. There is also a Transmute Black Pearl spell available. A quick search of this forum will bring up TONS of posts and tips on this very subject. :)

Megan F

Community Leader
MooShu, hunt for black lotus. you can keep checking the bazaar

Aug 11, 2009
Transmute them from Black Lotus

Jump realms to collect Black Lotus and the very rare Black Pearl in MooShu (Find a place where the Black Lotus appears in two places - usually at the end of the road near a building where you see a cart on one side and a rock on the other)

Try the Bazaar (very rare find here)

It will take time to find or craft this item.

Also do a search of "Black Pearl" in this forum, there may be more ideas that have already been discussed in other topics.

Have fun!!! :) :) :)

Mar 06, 2010
i know i have some black pearl and i know about the black lotus/bazaar thing just hoping someone knew a different place anyway thx for answering

jack bearblood lvl 50 balance
jack lifehunter lvl 45 life

Aug 07, 2009
There is a secret sport for black lotus so you can transmute. Go to the tree of life and search every corner of that building

Jun 26, 2009
The best place to find Black Pearl is in the tree of life cause the tree has allot of black lotus early today i got 6 black lotus and 3 black pearl while working on Everlating Forest in th Tree Of Life. :D