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Black lotus

Jun 06, 2010
I am attempting to do my DS crafting quest and i need to craft 2 rings (dont remember the name). I need 20 black lotus for each ring and it takes like 30 minutes to get 2 black lotus from the bazaar. And i REALLY don't want to run around mooshu looking for black lotus. Any tips/locations that constantly have the reagent, Thanks everyone

Jun 30, 2011
if you don't mind taking the time to realm hop, go to tataki outpost in mooshu , using the transporters go to each of the three areas collect the black lotus and any wooden chest that might be there then when back at outpost hop to next realm and repeat, be sure to use perfect realms there's a better chance of getting the most for your efforts. hope this helps i scored bigtime doing this :D

Mar 07, 2011
1. Evil Magma Peas give a lot of Black Lotus, as well as mega snacks!

2. There is a Convert to Black Lotus recipe. I forget what you convert to get them. Maybe 15 cat tails for one black lotus, something like that. Check out Wizard 101 Wiki for more info.

Feb 24, 2009
Aug 26, 2010
Before I started gardening my evil magma peas, I would go to the tree of life. Its a dungeon, go in alone gather all the regeants, go out. Go back in - which is now a new instance with the regeants reset. There were 3 or 4 per instance, it takes a little while but you dont have to fight anything and theres no chance someone is going to get the regeants before you.

Sep 19, 2009