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Better looking gear

Jan 16, 2012
As a newly enlightened wizard to stitching...I recommend there be gear available to all that looks as cool or better than that Meow Fire cape gear and that hood that fire gets with its cool symbol.

All schools need gear that looks as cool as fire's gear that I described above. We need some symbols, but not over done...and i am NOT talking about crowns gear...we need craftable cool looking gear...that way anyone can get it and wear it (make it avalailable to level 20-30 at least so more people can enjoy and represent their school proudly, and color it how they want to).

You could add the recipe in Marley bone, Wiz City, Krok...just as long as it is buyable at the bazaar if sold so all wizards have potential to access the cooler gear.

-Joseph Icebringer