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Best plants for gold?

Mar 07, 2010
I recently planted a harder of Stinkweed because I read that they re-seed more than once, drop a lot of smokescreen TC, and give a good amount of gold. But now I am wondering if there's another plant that gives a good amount of gold and isn't disliked by everyother plant.

Katherine Owlflame- Lvl 42
Courtney Duskheart- Lvl 7
Cameron Dragonheart- Lvl 18
Ryan Frostbreeze- Lvl 10
Hunter Stormrider- Lvl 8

Mar 03, 2014
Nov 21, 2013
Couch Potatoes gave me more gold than any other seed I can remember planting. I'd check Central's Wiki for the drops and harvest times.

Sep 17, 2012
Couch Potatoes give you a load of snacks and treasure cards to sell for lots of gold.

May 08, 2014
Stinkweed is one of the best Gold providers. Only needs are water and rank 2 pests.
One full spell plot is between 65 and 70 plants with an energy need of no more than 25.
With each harvest your cropping TC's/Gold and extra seeds (to expand your garden or to sell for more gold).

Couch Potatoes can only fit 14-15 plants max and have an energy need of around 43 per full plot plus have a much longer harvest time and ONLY seed once at elder.

If its only Gold, go Stinkweed.
If you need mega snacks, go Couch Potatoes.

Hope this helps.