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Best Gear for Ice Level 50+

Nov 20, 2011
My friend and I have started new characters, and they're both ice characters. We're only in Krokotopia, but we're having a lot of fun with the characters and I'm sure that we'll go a long way with them. That being said, I'd like to know the best gear for ice, level 50 and beyond. We're both crafting, so tell me if that's what's the best!

I don't need everything from hat to deck. I would just like hat, robe, and shoes. I can find all others without an issue. Could someone help me with this quest to find the right gear for my ice? Thanks in advance to those who help!

Sep 17, 2012
At level 50 Celestia dropped/bazaar gear is best. At lvl 58, Wintertusk crafted, lvl 60 Waterworks (lots more work, not much better than tusk). Once you get to Zafaria, Avalon and Azteca, the gear is really mix and match for best suit to your play style. It all really depends how you choose to play your Ice and also if you PvP or just PvE.

Oct 22, 2011
The L56 Wintertusk crafted gear is the best you can get at that level, especially for Ice. When you hit L50, check the Bazaar and check some of the Wintertusk vendors for gear that will tide you over until you craft the Wintertusk set.

Of course, when you hit L60, you can get the Waterworks gear, BUT, be sure to keep the Wintertusk set handy, because frankly, the Wintertusk Ice gear is better than WW gear. The only real difference between them is that WW has a higher universal resist. Wintertusk has better overall stats, plus it comes with an Ice blade and trap card on the gear. The Wintertusk crafted ring (and, I think the athame) are very good and can be used for a long time.

The best thing for Ice, is to keep the resist, block, accuracy, and damage as high as you can get, whether it be from the Bazaar or crafted gear. I found that once I hit L56, gear in the Bazaar was seriously lacking for Ice.

Don't worry about critical, it's really not that important, because it's something that's completely random, and Ice has a difficult time getting decent critical on gear anyway. Also, as you level up above 50, your damage boost will start to decrease (unfortunately).

Zafaria crafted gear isn't too bad, and once you get to Avalon, that's where the good crafted gear really stops. I am L100, and still use my Avalon crafted hat and robe, plus L86 crafted boots (and a couple of crown boots to change to if I want).

I wish I can remember off-hand what the names of the gear are, but when I get a chance, I'll try to post it.