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Basic crafting question

Jan 02, 2010

I am trying to craft the ring of insight.

I have way more than enough reagents and the basic crafting table, which I have already used once to make a sword.

the problem is when I click on the ring, the create button does not become active.

I know that I must be missing something silly, could someone please fill me in?

Oh, btw - I am a lvl 22 if that means anything.

Aug 25, 2009
i am having the same issue so i cannot complete the crafting quest

it is a bug i believe that KI never fixxed you are not the first person to have this problem though a lot of people are

Jul 30, 2009
You both may want to check your backpacks, as they may be full.

Hubby had this happen to him a few days ago himself. When I mentioned to him about his backpack being full, he looked and said he didn't have much gear in his backpack...Told him to check his housing items list in his backpack, and it was packed.

After he emptied his backpack of some housing items, then he was able to craft the items for his crafting quest.

Since the crafted items go into your backpack immediately, if there's no space in it, you can't craft the item. 8)

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009